Commercial Real Estate Loan Types

SBA Loans are helpful to many small business owners as well as those looking to open a new business. However, a loan that is attractive to someone with little credit and a business with little to no track history is seldom attractive to an established business or business owner with great credit and income. This is why many small business owners count the minutes until they are able to refinance these not-so-great SBA busniess loans.

So, what types of loans are available today to business owners who own and occupy commercial real estate? There are a number of specialized loan programs available from smaller lenders in California, that can offer loan terms that most commercial property owners are not accustomed to just have to know where to look.

30 Year Amortization

I have told countless people that 30 year amortization, commercial real estate loans, are available to commercial property owners. Only to have the vast majority of them tell me they have never heard of 30 year amortization on commercial loans. The fact is, there are a couple of smaller lenders that are willing to put 30 year amortization loans, with up to 75% Loan-to-Value ratios, and no pre-pay penalties on commercial real estate. Unfortunately, for business owners, most loan brokers and lenders are not aware of who these institutions are. We do. Fill our this quick information form to have us contact you or call us at 415-839-8824 for more information.

Interest Only Loans

In addition to short to intermediate term fixed-rate loans with long term amortization (keeping your monthly payments down), we can also offer interest only commercial real estate loans from our own private money fund. This is another place where we can offer much more than just about every lender out there today. While the interest rates may be a bit higher on paper, monthly payments are much, much lower making much more cash available to operate your business. Again, you can fill out our quick information form to have us contact you or call us at 415-839-8824 for more information.